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Evoluderm Green Tea and Cucumber Extract Deodorant

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Evoluderm Color Regenerating Hair Mask 500ml

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Evoluderm Gentle Nail Polish Remover with Sweet Almond Oil

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As our nails are weakened by the cold, heat and daily washing day after day, it is essential to choose beauty products with gentle formulas that take proper care of them. Sweet Almond Oil has nourishing properties and soothes the nails deep down. It protects them, and leaves them strong and radiant. This gentle oil also soothes minor everyday discomfort. An essential in women’s beauty routines, our gentle Nail Polish Remover can deal with all nail polishes. Used on natural or false nails, it is an essential that combines effectiveness and gentleness. Ideal for removing chipped nail polish or to create structured manicures, it corrects any mistakes on the skin and cuticles. This practical remover helps you to remove your polish in just one minute. A real plus for women with hectic lifestyles!  Nails are radiantly beautiful, clean and ready to be painted again. Specially formulated to remove all traces of nail polish without damaging the nails, the Gentle Nail Polish Remover with Sweet Almond Oil will be your go-to for successful manicures. It is enriched with Sweet Almond Oil, a natural ingredient with nourishing and softening properties, and protects the nails.


nails are clean and radiant with beauty, ready for a new nail polish color!


Soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover, apply to the nail and leave it on for a few seconds, then slide the pad from the inside to the outside to remove the nail polish.


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