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Evoluderm Massage Oil with Essential Oils

7.75 Inc.VAT

Evoluderm Micellar Water for Dry and Sensitive Skin 500ml

7.95 Inc.VAT
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Evoluderm Vanilla Deodorant 24h

4.85 Inc.VAT

Evoluderm Vanilla Deodorant 24h

4.85 Inc.VAT

Evoluderm Vanilla Extract  Cocooning Deodorant has been formulated to effectively protect the skin against sweat and odors. Formulated without aluminum salts and effective for 24hrs, it ensures the skin’s natural balance is maintained for optimal tolerance. Enriched with Vanilla Extracts, it combines the fragrance of Tonka Bean with an amber base for a perfect moment of cocooning.

Result : Your skin is perfectly protected against bad odors from morning to night.

Recommendation for use : Spray at a distance of 15cm from your underarms.

  • 24-hr effectivenes
  • Protects
  • Refreshes

Precautions for use Danger! Extremely flammable aerosol.

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