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Royal Connections French Manicure Coffin Nails x 24 & 2g Glue

6.25 Inc.VAT

Old Gold Coffin Glue on False Nails

6.25 Inc.VAT
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Iced Latte Glue on False Nails

6.25 Inc.VAT

These fun & elegant Nails come with a 2g Nail glue included.


1 ) Wash Nails and allow to dry. 2) Pierce end of Glue before use 3) Pace a drop of glue over your nail & spread to cover nail 4) Place false tip on your nail close to but not touching your cuticle

5) Press false tip in place for a few seconds until bonded 6) Trim and file false tip to desired length  7) To remove False nail tips use false nail tip remover. Never forcibly remove nail tips as this may result in damaging your natural nails.

Warning: This Pack contains 2g nail glue sticks to the skin & eyelids in seconds, irritant to eyes,respiratory system & skin, do not breath in vapour. avoid contact with eyes,mouth and skin in case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with plenty of water, if symptoms persist seek medical advise.Avoid contact with large drops of adhesive containing cyanoacrylate which can cause burns to skin,fabrics and soft furnishings . Protect work surface when applying nail tip adhesive . Do not use this product on Damaged or Infected nails. Use only as directed. This product is only suitable for use as a false nail tip adhesive. Keep out of reach of children, application by under 18 year old, adult supervision is recommended

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